How Smartphones Gained Focus in Shifting Business and Marketing Trends

Marketing through technology is the practical step towards growth and success. The advanced technology and upcoming innovations are constantly upgrading the methods of doing business. Social platform, which comprises of social media sites, applications have altered the ways of interacting and communicating. This being the current trend of conducting and developing business, smartphones have become a need.

Mobile phones earlier were the representative of people aware of latest technologies and modern enough to utilize it. Now, it signifies the involvement of every individual to take chances, present their ideas and techniques via the medium of e-commerce. Smartphones being the most comfortable device to carry and use has made it easier to reach any corner of the world virtually. Here are some progress observed in past few years and in current trends:

  • Easy Interaction: Use of applications that enable the interaction between parties, even though located in different regions with being virtually present in front of another. As simple as messaging and chats enable entrepreneurs to handle one to one conversation with clients. All this very easy to work with smartphones as anyone efficiently handle all these features.


  • E-wallets: The mobile wallets enable the businesses, startup companies and new enterprises to make payments with the use of few taps over the screen. A person not carrying cash can still purchase the items with the simple application of mobile wallet. There has been an impressive growth in the global market with such facilities. It is easy to pay bills, file tax returns and handle other expenses through E-wallet.


  • Access Data from Anyplace: Cloud-based tools, backups, firewall and other features, enable effective and secure handling of company data, without being visible to outsiders. Cloud collaboration is an easy and quicker way a company can go international. It is being cheap, simple and effective is the major reason behind the recent growth in the number of startup companies. Cloud platform enables to save all data in one place accessible to all employees, relieving the company of maintaining tonnes of files and paper works. All information is right at the tip of fingers, and one can access it anywhere, anytime.


  • Work from Anywhere: Employee satisfaction is very important for any company. Smartphones enable employees to work from home or any other corner of the world. This working method does not hinder the working process of the companies rather is the new means to enhance the business.

It is needless to state that smartphones save money, time and lead to the growth of business in this world of social commerce and social marketing.

Significant Upgraded Aspects to Look For In 2017 Smartphones

Every year technology moves above the imagination and expectation of common people and presents something more extraordinary. The growth in the world of phones, being remarkable, will delight the smartphone users in 2017. Apart from the range of varieties, the improved and added features would enable the user to experience the unexpected. Having said, the new twists in this device would be the reason for enhanced sale in the smartphone market. It is hard not to interpret what next is waiting to enthrall minds of every individual across the globe.

Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) to exciting mixed reality:

The growth of VR and the emergence of AR are evident. The latter one would enable any individual to experience seeing a different place, through their smartphone camera. This would bring significant changes in the field of medical practices also. The introduction of mixed reality would create a realm of reality such that one would find hard to differentiate between artificial reality and reality. Expect big smartphone companies to launch new models with these extraordinary features.

Internet of things:

Within past few years, the activities of every individual have been revolving around the internet of things. Smartphones are the most convenient way to use IoT since one can carry it anywhere across the globe. Its significance in life has allured many individuals in buying smartphones. By 2017, more than one-third of the world’s population would be in possession of a smartphone. This would simultaneously boost the growth of IoT. A number of sensors, collecting data, connecting with other devices or with the community through crowdsourcing, IoT is bound to make life much easier than above experiences.

Social platform a bigger opportunity:

One to one interaction is the highlight of this feature. With the use of social platforms in the form of applications and sites, there will be a boom in the market. Since every individual carrying phone has easy access to millions of potential consumers at the same time, social commerce is the new marketing technique. The interaction between two parties on one is to one basis becomes comfortable and significant. People would rely mostly on smartphones, as they would not need any external help or source. More audiences engaged to its use, would definitely use social platform for every benefit.

The world of technology, especially the smartphones seems to grow endlessly. It is the need and priority for every human now, and hence the desire to improve it for better tomorrow.